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The treasure box

                                  The Treasure Box

I see ashes everywhere on the ground , I don't feel in the safest village. I feel lost and worried because my mum has been taken away by cruel soldiers.  As I hear people screaming, crying, worrying, I pack the stuff that I have left and go. I head out of my burnt, lost home I hear my father calling my name. 

I go to him peacefully and calmly I see my father holding on to a strange book. It has dust on the front cover, with the title  unseen. My father handed me the book and says briefly “keep this safe it's a special book about our people and its history”. He wraps the book in a cloth to keep it safe. We grab all of our belongings that are left behind and start walking.  I walk through the toxic smoke hearing fire rising up towards me. I have thoughts coming through my mind about my mum? Where is she? Is she safe? Why did she get taken away? Everytime I think about the times I had with my mother tears flow with emotion and worry.

As the days keep passing I feel weakness in my body and have no energy. I hear families struggling with their needs to feed their children and relatives. I see  people huddled by a rock keeping themselves warm. We continue to walk through a dusty desert until we see a small village nearby, with no one in it. 

Once we entered  the abandoned village my father suddenly collapses on the floor of a home we enter. With no doctors around to give him his needs he gets sicker and sicker. He reaches out for my hand as he tries to sit up and says  “promise me you will keep our special book forever.” 
I replied with a silent voice ``I promise with all my heart”. We stayed under a shelter to keep warm for the night.

The next morning came and I just found out my father had passed away. I felt more emotion coming into me as I see my father getting buried with just a warm cloth because we didn't have much. Villagers told  me to put the book in the grave but I refused instead I decided to put my suitcase in there because the book was more important. 

I struggle as I grew up with my parents missing and deceased. I turn to my villagers as my new family who will care for me. During a snowy day I go to a nearby linden tree and bury the book my father gave me when I was little. I bury it as a treasure and time capsule. 

As I turn into an adult  I decided to visit the linden tree where I buried the book. I see a little girl playing by the tree  and go up to her and ask her if she wants to dig up the book and read through it. The little girl asks if there will be gold or money.  I replied with “ts more than money and more splendid than gold.” Once I reached the bottom I grabbed out the book and handed it to her and said ”this book is about  our people and what they did in the past.”

 The next day I visited my old  library. It is all new and clean. I   give the book back where it will be safe and loved and read for many more years.

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